A Cracker of a Christmas

Crackers Art - Christmas 2012

We had a very laid-back Christmas here in Crackerland. We normally take off to Sydney to spend it with family up there, but this year we thought we’d flip things around and have my parents come stay with us in Melbourne. Now that we have a house big enough to accommodate guests, it’s much easier to do things like that.

Crackers Art - Christmas 2012

Here’s our colourful Christmas tree! We have a rag-tag bunch of ornaments, as well as a few special ones, but the main thing for us is that the kids do most of the decorating and that it ends up very bright and happy. I’m in charge of putting the lights and bead strands on, and in past years I’ve had to do some subtle rearranging after the kids have gone to bed (you know, when you find six ornaments on one branch!) but this year I just filled gaps.

On Christmas Day, we just had a small group of eight for lunch – our family of four plus both sets of grandparents. It was an easy number to cook for and fit around our dining table. I went for a light and fresh blue/white/silver theme, and picked some white roses from our garden at the last minute when I realised I had nothing in the way of a centrepiece!

Crackers Art - Christmas 2012

The mini gingerbread houses were super-cute. I found them a few weeks before Christmas in Woolworths for $2.00 each, so I knew I had to snatch them up then and there. Sure enough, a week later they had all disappeared. I just thought they added a nice touch to the place settings, but I mostly got them because I knew the kids would love them.

Crackers Art - Christmas 2012

Crackers Art - Christmas 2012

All ready to eat! Here’s a pic of my dining room with my new paintings on the wall. 🙂

Crackers Art - Christmas 2012

We decided on paper chains this year instead of tinsel after I saw some hanging in my youngest son’s preschool. They were so gorgeous, I knew I had to make some for home.

Crackers Art - Christmas 2012

Some obligatory food photos! The main reason I’m posting these is because I am not the world’s greatest cook — I can read a recipe and sometimes it works in my favour, and sometimes it’s a dismal failure. But as luck would have it, my baked ham and roast pork turned out really well on the day. I was pleased! (need to work on my pork crackling though for next year…)

Crackers Art - Christmas 2012

Crackers Art - Christmas 2012

Crackers Art - Christmas 2012

Some home-made yummies. The kids made and decorated the gingerbread men and Christmas trees on Christmas Eve, while I made the little cheater’s puddings. They are just Chocolate Royals biscuits dipped in melted white chocolate and decorated with little segments of spearmint leaves and raspberry jubes. I’ve also seen them done with jaffas and smarties for the red berry. Super easy to make!

Crackers Art - Christmas 2012

This was the menu my 7-year-old insisted on making for Santa as we were preparing Santa’s snack plate (he let his little brother help decorate it). Seems like Santa enjoyed it all!

So onward we go into 2013. I think it’s going to be a really exciting year! What about you?

4 thoughts on “A Cracker of a Christmas

  1. Paulie Pops says:

    Well well well. Someone has been VERY busy indeed. You should be mighty proud of yourself my friend. Everything looks fantastic. Puts me to shame. Maybe I can rub your arm and some of your creativity will rub off on me. Love to see you soon. Paulie xx

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