Happy 2014!


Here we are – it’s 2014! You may have noticed my website has been ‘refreshed’ and I have some new buttons on the home page for a stationery & prints shop. Stay tuned for an announcement about a spanking new online shop where you’ll be able to buy all sorts of colourful and unique artwork. I’ll be kicking it off this week with a clearance sale of massive bargains (more news on that a little later…)

I’m really excited about this year. My birth date is March 14, so 14 has always been my lucky number. I’ve got lots of new party printable ranges in the initial stages of production, and they will be released very soon. It will be party central again in my house from March-May, so there’ll be lots of visual awesomeness to share to inspire your own parties. AND if that wasn’t enough, I’m also creating some brand new visual art that will be released in canvas, print, and stationery form. Phew! Busy, but fun.

So, strap in, sit back, and prepare to be assaulted with all the creative craziness. 🙂

Oh, and happy new year too. I hope this year is an exciting one for you!

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