After much thought and careful consideration, I’ve decided that Crackers Art & Design will close its doors on June 30th, 2017.

This decision has not been made lightly since this business has been a part of my life since 1998 (almost 20 years!). But the writing’s been on the wall for a long while and, if I’m honest, it hasn’t fulfilled me creatively for quite some time. Having been a graphic designer for 23 years I feel ready to shift gears and pour all of my energy into what I’m truly passionate about – writing and illustrating. My first novel for young adults will be published by Walker Books Australia in early 2018, and I look forward to growing my career as an author and hopefully as an illustrator too.

I appreciate the support and compliments I’ve received for my party printables over the last five years, and I’m so happy to be leaving on a high. For those of you who have ordered from me in the past (many of you multiple times) thank you so much for your patronage. And to those clients I completed graphic design projects for a number of years ago, I really appreciate the business you threw my way.

My blog will remain online for now to provide party inspiration, but my Etsy shop is closing on June 30th and I will no longer be offering party printables for sale. I will not be on-selling my business or any of the designs, most of which are very personal to me having originally been created for my two sons’ birthday parties. If you plan on ordering, these next few weeks will be your final opportunity. During these final weeks I am only selling the printables as they come in the shop – I will not be taking custom orders or quoting on special packages.

If you’d like to follow my future creative endeavours, you can hear all about my writing career at Sarah Epstein Books and my illustration work at Sarah Epstein Creative. You can also find me on Instagram at and .

So, it’s goodbye from Crackers Art & Design. It’s been a fun adventure! And now it’s time for new adventures to begin.

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