Harvey’s Arcade 6th Birthday Party

Crackers Art Arcade Birthday Party

We recently celebrated my son Harvey’s 6th birthday party, and I’m very happy to be able to share some photos of Harvey’s Arcade!

Harvey absolutely loves Pac-Man after Santa brought him an old-school games console for Christmas which you plug into the TV. And when we saw Wreck-it Ralph at the movies, he was delighted to see Pac-Man amongst the characters and became fascinated with the idea of amusement arcades and arcade games. We visited a local (modern) games arcade, and Harvey couldn’t believe some of the machines spat out tickets that he could then redeem for a prize. Bonus! So when I suggested we could create his own games arcade for his birthday in the middle of our lounge room, he just about fell over! 🙂

I started out by designing this invitation, which set the tone for a bit of retro gaming fun…

Crackers Art Arcade Birthday Party

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