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Why are people going gaga over VisionDirect’s latest zFORT™ innovation?

Why are people going gaga over VisionDirect’s latest zFORT™ innovation?

Not only can you miss appreciating the numerous charitable events by VisionDirect, a global eyewear retailer, but you must also throw some praise to their technical innovation. The company VisionDirect found a voice in major media and publication houses where they can be seen involved in tremendous efforts in alleviating poverty in Africa while their generous benevolence is also helping the planet earth with reforestation drive across the world. Overall, VisionDirect directly helped with donations of over 90,000 eyeglasses, plantation of over 1000 trees, and changing the lives of Zambian and nearby people by rural aid.

Why are people going gaga over VisionDirect’s latest zFORT™ innovation

VisionDirect’s collaboration with numerous NGOs players to alleviate poverty and eliminate blindness

The firm has collaborated with several regional and NGO players to bring drastic changes for helping people while major media houses like Maxim and The Sydney Morning Herald had heaped praises on the firm’s vision and charity. Some of VisionDirect’s big collaboration are as follows:

VisionDirect: A global eyewear eCommerce platform

World Vision: A global NGO serving for the poor and marginalized people

Eden Reforestation: A global NGO that is serving the planet earth with reforestation activities like planting a tree (with every frame you buy from VisionDirect, a tree is planted)

Unite for Sight: Another NGO working with the goal of eradicating blindness. VisionDirect with Unite for Sight has raised funds to provide over 80,000 eyeglasses to the students, working adults, and elderly villagers of GhanaAfrica.

Orbis: An international non-profit organization providing rural eye care services

These are some of VisionDirect’s big ambitious drives towards serving the society and deprived citizens of the world; however, their technical advancement should also not be ignored. People actually went gaga over VisionDirect’s technical prowess when they introduced the zFORT™ glasses.

People went gaga for zFORT™ eyeglasses. What are they?

Before going to understand the latest tech innovation of zFORT™ blue light blocking glasses, you need to consider some facts that are related to the human eyes, such as

  1. We check our mobile phones over 60-70 times or roughly spend over 3-5 hours a day.
  2. We also spend time in front of a computer or TV.
  3. We also spend time under the sunlight and other radiation that are unseen by our eyes.

So do they affect the eyes? Unfortunately, yes. Digital devices affect the eyes as they emit blue light radiation. Blue Light is a high energy, high-frequency visible light in the color spectrum that has the potential to cause troubles for the eyes, and our sleep.

  1. Blue light radiation has the potential to cause frequent headaches.
  2. Too much exposure to blue light can give trouble with sleep.
  3. They are also known to cause eye-strain, fatigue, sleep disorders.

Innovative zFORT™ eyeglasses will protect eyes from the blue light emission

zFORT™ eyeglasses are made with sophisticated technology that helps in limiting the penetration power of the blue light radiation. They are known to enhance eye protection by providing a fortified shield against harmful blue light emission. The four key features of zFORT™ eyeglasses are

  1. It eliminates glare from the light source
  2. It reduces eye strain
  3. It helps with improvement in sleep
  4. It also reduces the chance of headaches

The best part, you can directly order them from VisionDirect by choosing the eyeglasses frame and adding the zFORT™ blue light blocking feature during the checkout. Say goodbye to harmful blue light from mobile and communication devices.


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